Volleyball Stat!

Volleyball Stat! is a free, full-featured app for collecting and distributing volleyball statistics on your tablet.

The application straightforward to use; stats are recorded by tapping on buttons that are grouped according to the position of the player on the court. Base stats are recorded by a single button tap. Most base stats also have the option to collect detailed stats. This option is accessed by holding down the stat button for a half second at which time a popover window will appear allow detailed entries. Detailed stats can also be configured to be collected with a single tap.

Stats can be accumulated for a single set, an entire match, or a set of matches -- up to and including the entire season. Reports generated from one or more matches can be distributed in a variety of forms intended for either: easy viewing; import into spreadsheets for databases; import into third party publishers like MaxPreps.

The app is available for both iPad and Android tablets. Users familiar with use on the app on one platform can easily transfer to the other. Also, stats can freely be shared between instances of the app using either email or dropbox.


Click here for a complete description of the use of this app on iPad.


Click here for a complete description of the use of this app on Android tablets.

For Support or inquiries, please send email to "g e o f f AT t o w e l l 4 . u s"